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Welcome to the
winds of change.

Wireless sensor technology is a sustainable solution for industries nationwide.

Recent years have witnessed tremendous advances in wirelessly networked and embedded sensors. Wireless sensor nodes are typically low-cost, low-power, small devices equipped with limited sensing, data processing and wireless communication capabilities, as well as power supply. With the continuation of Moore’s law, they are becoming smaller, cheaper, while more powerful and more pervasive. The proliferation of these products opens up unprecedented opportunities for a wide variety of scientific, industrial, agricultural, commercial and military applications, such as health care, smart transportation, emergency response, home automation, social studies, critical infrastructure protection, and target tracking, just to mention a few.

Types of indoor/outdoor wireless sensors we install:

  • Monitor Desk Presence

  • Indoor Motion Detector

  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

  • Monitor Air Quality

  • Monitor Water Leaks

  • Monitor CO2 & Other Hazardous Leaks

  • GPS Tracking on Equipment & Vehicles

  • Level & Displacement Monitoring

  • Motor Vibration Monitoring

  • Liquid Flow Meter Monitoring

  • and more!

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