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Wireless Sensor & Remote Monitoring Systems and Installation in Alaska & Nationwide

IoT sensor technology and monitoring is an emerging market for commercial businesses and industries nationwide.

 Senstek is a leading provider of wireless sensors, connected devices, and network solutions in Alaska. We provide IoT sensors and remote monitoring technology for industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, food service and safety, agricultural facilities, construction, and industrial facilities and more with state-of-the-art equipment. We provide customized development and installation services throughout Alaska and nationwide.

IoT for all of your monitoring needs


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Senstek Systems provides the best level of IoT wireless sensor and remote monitoring systems with state of the art equipment and expert installation.

Fully Customizable

With thousands of available wireless sensors and monitoring systems to choose from we will work with you to develop and deploy an IoT solution that meets your needs.

Scalable Systems

Senstek’s scalable wireless technology is state of the art and our competitive pricing allows for superior data collection. Your remote monitoring and wireless sensor systems grow with you.

Real-Time Readings

Senstek's wireless sensors and remote monitoring systems collect and deliver data updates at customized intervals when you need it. There is no wait time for your valuable data and it is available on any mobile device 

Learn about the advantages Senstek Systems has to offer in wireless sensors

& remote monitoring gateway solutions.

Experienced IoT Technicians

Our installers are experts in the IoT industry have years of experience in the tech industry. We know how to customize and install your remote monitoring systems, wireless sensors, and gateways systems quickly and dependably.

Customized State of the Art IoT Solutions

With our expert team, we can help you plan and customize your wireless sensors and remote monitoring system with state of the art devices and equipment. We use various sensor suppliers, so you won't be stuck with just one option. We are here for you.

  • Plug & play installation

  • Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Sensor Installation

  • Sensors are 100% wire free

  • Secured with military grade AES 128-bit encryption

  • Customizable dashboard

We customize our plans to fit your budget. Our systems are 100% scalable so your system can grow as your business grows.

Competitive Pricing
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Industries that benefit from our wireless sensor and remote monitoring systems in Alaska.

Many businesses and industries in Alaska and nationwide are converting to wireless sensors and remote monitoring systems for these reasons to:

  • Ensure safety within their facilities

  • Increase production and their bottom line

  • Stay compliant 

  • Avoid safety risks

  • Real-time readings on all devices



If you would like to learn more about remote monitoring systems or would like to schedule a consultation please contact us:

Call: 907-222-0345

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