Sensor technology and monitoring is an emerging market for commercial businesses and industries nationwide.

Senstek Systems have research and installation experts that provide the best level of sensor installation and monitoring with state of the art equipment. Take advantage of actionable insights to increase uptime, extend asset life and improve performance.

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Fully Customizable

SensTek is dedicated to solving your data collection problem. With thousands of available sensors to choose, from multiple vendors we are not tied to any brand or system. We will work with you to develop and deploy an IOT solution that meets your needs, is reliable, independent of your current infrastructure and scalable.

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Real Time Readings

SensTek’s sensors collect and deliver data updates in customized intervals. You need an update every day, hour, or minute? There is no wait time for your data. Sensors are constantly transmitting data to the dashboard. Your Dashboard is accessible 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, when you need it, on your schedule.

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SensTek’s scalable technology and competitive pricing allows for exponential data collection. Small data transmission allows for literally hundreds of data transmissions to travel through the system without sacrificing speed or bandwidth. Increase your data collection without increasing your bottom line.

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Keep track of temperature and humidity montoring, GPS tracking for equipment and vehicles, desk presence and more

Pharmacy safety and quality control systems are critical to protecting patients and customers and meeting federal regulations. These systems are focused on improving standards, reducing losses from spoilage and avoiding safety incidents. Many pharmacies rely on manual monitoring which will only give you a point-in-time snapshot, leaving you uninformed and unable to properly manage your pharmacy’s safety risks.

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Be confident that your food is being kept at their correct temperatures to reduce spoilage

Food safety and quality control systems are critical to protecting your valuable inventory. Our systems are designed to improve quality standards and control, reducing losses from spoilage and avoiding food safety incidents. While most programs rely on manually measuring and logging critical temps and capturing food safety checks with a pen and paper, these methods only provide point-in-time snapshots, leaving you in the dark and unable to properly manage food safety risk.

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Comply with even the strictest regulations

Characterized by its delicate nature, environmental monitoring consists of ensuring temperatures, gas levels and other environmental factors are at their desired state. In hospitals for example, refrigerators have to be kept at specific temperatures, but checking the temperature every 20 minutes takes a lot of time out of an individual’s day. This process, among others, is easily automated and monitored by sensors and a central station. The same can be said for any other environmental state. And the best part, the data all gets documented so you can comply with even the strictest regulations.

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Reduce downtime and maximize production

Automate manual operations, and eliminate error-prone manual logging with automated and real-time trip, shipment, and delivery reports. With SensTek’s customizable dashboard you also get location-based insights and view temperature, path, and location of critical products during transit or in the yard. Monitor motor vibration, temperature and amperage to enable scheduled predictive maintenance. Monitor fuel and chemical usage for supply management.

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Keeping an eye on operations, crops, and livestock just got simpler.

By monitoring what matters most, Senstek’s sensors are your reliable ranch hands. If something goes wrong, the sensors alert you via text, email, or call. Secure assets and livestock by knowing doors are closed. Check temps and airflow in enclosures, like coops, to ensure livestock well-being. Monitor light in greenhouses to make growing conditions just right.

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Improve product safety & receive alerts on temperature fluctuation

Improve Product Safety
Ensure FDA and VFC compliance with continuous temperature monitoring and corrective actions for exceptions

Automate Manual Operations
Streamline costly, error-prone, and labor-intensive operational checklists and reporting

Proactively Detect Temperature Excursions
Routinely monitor all medications for
temperature and humidity excursions for proactive insight.